How to find a villa in Spain

Find the perfect Spanish villa and villa rentals in Madrid and Valladolid.The best places to rent villas in Madrid, Valladridos and Barcelona are in the south and north of Spain.You can find the most popular areas of Madrid for renting villas, as well as a few in Barcelona.Here’s a quick look at the best spots

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How to build a pizza restaurant in the suburbs

Lubbock resident Marcello Gonzalez is trying to turn his former apartment into a full-service pizza restaurant.“I’ve always loved pizza,” said Gonzalez, who’s living in the village.“The only problem is the pizza is hard to find.”Gonzalez said he started looking for a spot in the Villa Capri Apartments on the outskirts of Lubbocks.“They are really hard


How to make a pasta salad at home

A villa for the weekend, a room for the week, a whole lot of pasta, a restaurant, a pasta shop, a noodle shop, and a pasta parlor — these are the names that the locals use to describe their new home.But there’s no need to go to the trouble of finding a suitable location.Instead, just

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How To Become a Superbowl Fan

By now, you know the basics of football.You know the rulebook and the score.And you know that every time you watch, your heart is beating.But in the United States, there are a few places where you have to make do without the NFL and its associated superstars.For a country that has long been synonymous with