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How to get a beachfront mansion in New Jersey

Callaway Resort & Spa’s Lakehurst, New Jersey, luxury resort has been dubbed the “Disney of the Caribbean” thanks to its many lakeside villa homes.The Lakehurst villas are a major draw at the resort.The home for more than 30 years, Lakehurst has more than 2,000 villas and is owned by Callaway Group.Lakehurst’s property values range from


Aussie real estate agent gets $2m for condo that he had to remove after he discovered ‘foreign’ tenants

AUSTRALIA’S second-largest city is preparing to crack down on overseas landlords with the launch of a new program that will see landlords who have not complied with local requirements removed from the market.The Sydney-based Residential Property Investor Protection Scheme will see a landlord fined up to $2 million and lose their franchise.The scheme, which is


The best villas in the world

Villas are one of the most unique and beautiful places to live in the city.You can be part of a family or you can stay in a group of 2 or 3 and live in a beautiful villa with private baths and a pool.Here are some of the best villa neighborhoods in the U.S.The villa