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Hacker News, the online forum of the hacker community, is now hosting a new domain.This new domain will give you the opportunity to build your own blog, or even create a personal blog for yourself.You can start by creating a new blog with the name of your choice and then select the “Create Blog” button,


How to buy a villa in Jamaica

How to Buy a villas in Jamaica?1 / 1 Now Playing: How to shop at the Disney World Resort Now Playing, how to make the most of Disney World’s parksNow Playing, How to find the best Disney vacationsNow Playing: The most popular ways to stay at the Walt Disney World resortNow Playing,…


A villa Capri in Milan is a scam

The villa in the heart of Milan has been linked to a multi-million euro scam.According to a report by Milan police, the villa is a fake.The owners of the villas were reportedly tricked into buying it for $1.6 million in 2008 and 2009.It is not the first time this villa has been sold.It was used


When the New Jersey Devils signed former New York Rangers winger, Ivan Barbashev, they did so without their captain John Scott, who signed a new deal last week

A few weeks ago, John Scott’s agent, Brian Murphy, sent an email to the New York Islanders.“You will be the first NHL team I have ever spoken to who did not sign John Scott,” Murphy wrote.“I am writing to thank you for your understanding.”Scott was not interested in a long-term contract.The Islanders were looking for

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