When Disney’s ‘Frozen’ opens in New York, it’s not a preview for other states


By MICHAEL VARAGATOS Associated Press – SEATTLE (AP) The next installment in the blockbuster Disney animated film series won’t be in the same city as its biggest hits, but it could be the most fun to see.

The upcoming sequel to the $4.5 billion film “Frozen” won’t open in New Zealand, Australia, Canada or the United Kingdom, according to Disney.

That’s in part because of the region’s colder winters and the fact that the film isn’t scheduled to open until later this summer.

But there are plenty of other reasons.

The movie’s main cast includes a returning cast and many familiar faces, including Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Emma Watson.

And in addition to the usual lineup of musical guests, it also includes two “Beauty and the Beast” princesses, Ariel and Belle, and a “Hercules” villain.

But the film’s biggest attraction is the cast of a dozen “Frodo and Friends” characters who have never before appeared in a Disney animated movie.

“This movie is the biggest thing that’s ever happened in the history of Disney,” said Mattel, the toy company that makes the toys.

“Frozen 2” will be released in the United States in July, and it will open on the Disney Channel on March 16.

Disney’s “Frost Queen” will open in the U.S. in late summer.

The film will be the last in the franchise.

“We’re very excited to bring ‘Frodos’ to Broadway,” said Peter Newland, head of global marketing for Walt Disney Animation Studios.

“We are very excited about what we are going to bring to Broadway.”

The studio said the movie will be animated in the vein of “Fantasia” and “Cinderella.”

But Disney has not specified what elements will be used in the film.

“Futurama” is being replaced by a “Planet Earth II” movie that will feature a new voice cast.

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