Why you shouldn’t buy a villa

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By Simon BowersThe villa is a luxurious home for a young couple, but it’s a luxury that is also costing them dearly.

They were forced to sell their home in Australia after their mortgage fell due to the global financial crisis.

Now the couple are being forced to return to the island of Villas in Fiji for a new home.

“We’re living in a luxury villa,” the husband, Chris, told ABC Radio.

“We’re getting to the end of our money and we’re having to make a decision.”

It’s been really difficult because the bank has just gone into default and they’re closing down so we can’t buy anything, which is very hard.

“The couple were told by the bank that they would be able to make their payments in December, but the bank now says they will have to pay in full by March.”

They told us they’re going to pay us in March and we have to get back here, which means we’re going into default on our mortgage,” Chris said.

The couple are desperate to get their new home up and running.

They’re still waiting to receive their first payment on their mortgage.”

The bank has been trying to sell us the house, which we’ve been trying for the last four years, but now they have closed down,” Chris added.”

So we’re now going into a state of emergency.

“Chris says he’s been on a “trial balloon” to try and sell his villa.”

I’ve been in this for two years and I haven’t been able to sell it,” he said.”

But I’m trying to convince people that we have a chance.

“Mr Murch says his new home is being bought by the family from the local council.”

There’s no reason to go into default,” he told ABC TV.”

At the end we’re still getting to pay off the mortgage and we can buy the house.


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