What’s the difference between a grande villa and a villa?

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The word grande is used to describe an extremely expensive villa in the United States, but it is actually more common in Spain.

In Spain, the most expensive villas are owned by people with substantial wealth, meaning they are very expensive, and they often have multiple floors.

Most of the time, the main floors of a grand villa are reserved for guests.

In a lot of cases, the rooms in these houses are equipped with luxurious kitchens and bathrooms.

The most expensive homes also have a lot more features than most people think, like large gardens, swimming pools, a swimming pool, and even a swimming hole.

But you can also spend more than just money on a grand house, you can spend money on other things, like a private lake, or even a pool.

If you want to have a grand pool, you have to buy a private one.

In the United Kingdom, the cost of a private pool is around £8,000 (around $12,000).

In France, the price of a pool is usually around £2,000 ($3,300).

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