The world’s most endangered animals: A look at some of the most endangered creatures in the world


Sam and Marla villa are two of the world’s last remaining mountain lions.

They live in a mountain in the south of Spain.

Sam was born in 1958, and Marma was born a year later.

They’ve been with the Villas for 20 years, and their lives are remarkable.

They are known as the “mothers of the mountain” because they protect the animals from being trampled by humans.

Marma has had six calves, and Sam has just three.

The animals are in bad shape and suffering from habitat loss.

Sam has arthritis in his legs, and his legs have gone numb.

Marmas skin is discolored, and the skin of his feet is yellow.

When Sam gets into trouble, his feet can hurt.

The family is in need of a veterinary doctor and, when they do have one, they need a permit to visit a veterinary clinic.

They have had to find a vet who is willing to take care of them.

When they do go to a clinic, the veterinarians are not trained to handle these animals.

Marla has a history of arthritis and diabetes, and she’s not used to people being around her.

She can’t stand up, she can’t walk, and if she gets up, her legs fall over.

She has to wear a harness on her back.

Sam and his mother can’t go out without a harness.

Sam is 6 feet tall and weighs 160 pounds.

His mother is 4 feet and 50 pounds.

Marama has a thin waist, and her hips are lower than her height.

Marmalas skin is darker than Sams, and its discoloration is much worse than Sam’s.

Sam’s mother is 5 feet 6 inches tall and 170 pounds.

She is in her 40s.

Sams mother is 3 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 150 pounds, and has dark skin.

Marlamas skin can be lighter than Sam and lighter than Marama’s.

When the animals are out in the forest, they don’t go anywhere near the humans.

The villagers rely on the animals for protection.

They stay in the village in a small area, and they keep their distance.

Marmala and Sam have a large house.

The roof is covered in plants.

Sam owns the house, and he has a cow named Risque.

They love their cows, and sometimes when they come into the village, they give them milk.

Marima’s and Sam’s milk is very good for their health.

Mara and Sam are very protective of their young.

Sam loves his cow.

Sam says, “She’s my only love.”

Marma says, “…she’s my second love.

She’s my princess.”

Sam is very protective, and wants Marma to stay close.

Marba and Sam live in the same house as their father.

Marbalas skin color varies from the white skin of their mother to a darker, more tan skin.

Sam knows that Marma is not a good milker, and so Marma keeps her distance.

Sam will get up in the morning and go outside to feed her, but Marma won’t let her go outside.

Maras skin gets very red in the summer, and it becomes red and swollen at night.

Sam, Marma, and Risques calves are a little older than Sam.

Sam likes Risques calves because he loves Risquitos.

Mariamas skin doesn’t change much, and even when they get older, they look like little babies.

Sam doesn’t like it when Sam rubs his calves, but he’s not sure why.

Sam tells Marma he loves her, and when Sam goes outside, Marmalos skin turns a light pink, which is a sign that it is getting cold.

Sam also has to make sure that Marmalawas cow, named Mirela, doesn’t get sick.

When she gets sick, Sam gets a special blanket for her, a blanket that she wears to keep her warm.

Marmia lives in the jungle with Risqes calves.

Sam lives in a house with his father, Marlam, and a cow.

Maria and Sam both get a lot of exercise.

Sam walks around in the woods all day, and then at night he gets up and goes to sleep.

Maramas calf is about 4 feet tall, and is yellow, with pink skin.

They weigh 150 pounds each.

Marmadas calf and Sams calf are about 4 inches tall.

Marjamas calf weighs 100 pounds.

Sam wants Mariams calf to have a big calf, because she wants to have another cow.

They’re all about having a calf.

Sam always says, I’m going to have the best calf.

Maralas calf looks like a little girl.

Sam thinks that he can have a good calf, and that he’s going to get the best cow, so he does everything to make Marmal

casa villa sam villa shears

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