How to pronounce the names of Australia’s six beaches


It may sound like a joke, but Australian singer Jonathan Villar has been using the names “Beach Villa” and “Jonathan Villa” since he was a child, but the singer says the real villas are not as easy to pronounce as he may think.

“My dad used to use the name Jonathan Villa when he was in his early 20s,” Villar told the ABC’s Morning Report on Wednesday.

Villar was born in Tasmania and his parents lived in the tiny town of Rainsford, where he grew up. “

He would go down there and he’d sit on the terrace and the sand would soak in his shorts and his shorts would drip.”

Villar was born in Tasmania and his parents lived in the tiny town of Rainsford, where he grew up.

“They had a lovely, pretty house and they had a little bit of a beach in the back and they could just go down and sit on a beach,” Villard said.

“So that was the first time I actually had the villa name.”

He used the name “Jonathon” for a long time, but when he moved to Australia in 2011 he began to use it more often.

“When I first came here, I used to have a big, round villa and my parents would say ‘what’s the village called?’ and I’d say, ‘the village’.” Villar said he also had a couple of other names, including “Cadbury”, but “Jonjon” is now his most common name.

“And then I had a really big villa at the end of it and that’s what Jonathan was called.”

He said the name changed when he started living in Australia, but his family did not know until recently.

“It was really just a question of trying to find out and I’m glad I did,” he said.

Villar’s parents have also given him “Jonathan Villard” as a name.

A Facebook post from the artist’s brother says that Jonathan has been his nickname since he began playing the instrument.

“The villa was called Jonathan and the Jonjon was the name of the villager,” the post reads.

“Now he’s just Jonathan, he’s Jonjon.”

Villard, who has previously played a role in a video game, has also been spotted playing golf in Australia.

“We just moved into the United States a few months ago and we’re now on a full tour and I’ll be playing golf on Saturday,” he told the BBC.

“Hopefully I can have a few hours here and there.”

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