How to plan a summer of relaxation in the Bahamas


The Bahamas has long been a vacation destination for the wealthy and well-connected.

The Caribbean island nation is home to some of the richest and most exclusive real estate markets in the world, and the people who live there have been known to live luxurious lifestyles.

But one of the world’s wealthiest families, the Rockefellers, have been on the island for decades.

The Rockefords have owned a vast array of villas, and their villas have been home to the likes of Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II.

Now, the world is starting to see the villas as the homes of the rich and famous.

And while the Rockords are still the richest family in the country, the wealth is no longer spread out evenly across the island.

With more than $50 billion in real estate assets on the market, the luxury market is expected to reach $3.8 trillion by 2021, according to Forbes.

The world’s top real estate houses are already looking to the Bahamas as a new location for their new homes.

With the luxury-filled villas now under their belt, it’s no wonder the royal family has been looking to expand their luxury portfolio.

In 2019, Prince Charles, heir to the throne, bought a four-bedroom home in the upscale village of Balmoral, Bahamas, in exchange for $2.6 billion in debt, according CNN Money.

And in November, the royal couple bought a five-bedroom villa in the island’s exclusive, luxury resort of Marigny.

A year earlier, they purchased a five-, seven-, and nine-bedroom house in the resort for $3 billion.

They are currently working on a new villa and are expected to break ground in 2019 on a luxury-sized villa that they will build for themselves.

The villas on Marignyr will be built in phases, with the first one set to be completed by 2020.

With a large number of new luxury villas being built in the Caribbean, there is a growing demand for luxury homes in the region.

And it is not just wealthy individuals who are eyeing the island, but other celebrities, too.

One of the wealthiest celebrities in the U.S. is rumored to be considering a move to the island in the future.

In January, the actress Eva Longoria, 51, tweeted about her plans to move to Marignys villas in the area.

Her Instagram page features a picture of the villa, with Longoria and her friends.

“Ive decided to stay in Marignies and play ball here,” she wrote.

“We will be staying for life.”

She added, “Its a beautiful place.”

This is the first villa planned for the Bahamas that will house a royal family.

The Royal Family is a very wealthy family, and there are a lot of properties in the nation that the royal families can use to purchase luxury items.

According to Forbes, there are nearly 20 luxury properties in Marigot that are worth at least $3 million.

One such property is a seven-bedroom mansion called the D’Artagnan, which is owned by the Royal Family.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, D’Aartagnan CEO Louis Di Bona told The Huffington Post that the villages luxury lifestyle is being designed by a global company called Luxe, which he described as a global real estate development company.


Luxe is owned in part by Prince Charles’ investment company, The Luxury Group.

In the past, the family has purchased a number of luxury homes including a $7.5 million luxury villa on the Isle of Wight, a villa at Marignyn’s beach resort and a mansion in the exclusive resort of Saint Martin.

Luxé’s latest luxury properties include the $10 million house that will be used as a private villa by Prince Harry.

The mansion is reportedly worth more than the estate it is being sold for.

The estate is set to include a swimming pool, an oceanfront property, a tennis court, a gym and a pool.

Luxes new villas will also include a gym, a spa and an infinity pool.

“In the future, we are planning to build a private home for the Prince and his family,” Di Bolla said.

“There are a number properties available on the islands and we have already been in discussions with various property owners.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Prince Harry said he was looking forward to visiting the island once again.

“The villas are a fantastic place to spend the summer and to explore the island,” he said.

The prince also said he would like to take advantage of the luxury properties on the resort.

“When we arrive in the fall, we will be enjoying the villanas and we will have a chance to take a few days to visit some of these wonderful properties,” he told THR.

“It’s really an exciting time to be in Mariana Islands.”

Di Bota’s vision of

country club villas

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