‘Dragon’ villa: Kids menu includes a chicken and a carrot

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An online restaurant that serves kids’ meals is launching in New York, where it will serve the first kids’ menu.

The restaurant, called Dragon, is being called La Vista’s first kid-friendly restaurant.

Its menu includes chicken, a carrot and a kid-sized plate of vegetables.

“We were just looking for a restaurant that was unique, something that wasn’t a typical kid’s menu,” La Vista co-founder and CEO Daniel D’Agostino told Recode.

La Vista’s menu will include chicken, carrots, a plate of veggies and a kids’ bowl of vegetables, D’AGOSTINO said.

In addition to chicken, there will also be some fish and chips, a salad and desserts like fruit ice cream and coffee, D-AGOSTINAS CEO told RecODE.

Dragon will serve a kid menu starting from $18.99 for a chicken, $16.99 per chicken with veggies and $8.99 each with carrots.

The menu will change daily, depending on the season.

The new menu will be available through a partnership with the Chinese chain Shanghai Taekwondo, which recently launched a kids menu in the United States.

The restaurant will also serve a kids table for $14.99, and there will be other offerings in the works.

The Dragon menu will only be available for a limited time, D_AGOSTINE said.

Its launch comes as La Vista has been looking to diversify its menu, with more dishes to come.

It has already expanded its menu in recent years to include salads and soups, as well as desserts and beverages.

Read more about La Vista here.

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