When the world’s most expensive golf course will be opened in Greece

Land project

The $3.4 billion La Plata Golf Club will open in Greece on Friday, and locals will get to enjoy some of the most exclusive courses in the world.

The course, which will be named after a Greek villager who once lived in the resort town of La Platta, will be a four-star golf resort with 14,000 square meters (7,100 square feet) of greens, the country’s largest golf course in terms of size.

It will feature an 18-hole course and nine par-3 and par-4 holes, which can be played in either direction.

It is also equipped with a 21-hole bunker and 17 holes, the world records for par-5 holes, and par 3s.

The course will host the first-ever championship golf event in the Mediterranean country, as well as the first professional women’s and men’s tournaments in the country.

The golf club will be part of a €2 billion project to create a new golf course for the Greek population, including the development of a golf course, hotel, a golf shop and golf course-like training facility for teachers, sports coaches and youth athletes.

The resort will also host the Athens Olympics Games in 2024, and will serve as the site for the 2020 Athens Olympic Games.

Golf courses in Greece have been plagued with corruption scandals in recent years, with the most recent case involving a top official who received more than €2.3 million ($3.1 million) from the governing party in a scheme that resulted in him being placed on a state-run pay-off list.

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