Mexican rancher fires his shotgun in confrontation with cops


Rancher and rancher-in-training Jose María Villasenor has shot and killed two police officers in the latest incident of rancher violence.

Villason, who is now being sought for murder, opened fire at a posse of officers in Sonora, Mexico, on Monday.

He told local reporters that the officers were “not part of his family”.

He then told local media that he was defending his rights to protect his land.

He added that he fired his shotgun into the air and was aiming for the officers’ heads, which caused the officers to “fall on the ground”.

He said that the two officers were not part of Villasons family.

A few days earlier, he was shot dead by a police officer after the latter tried to stop him from killing a local man.

Villa said that he did not intend to shoot the police officers, but rather “fought for the right to defend my land and my family”.

Villas, who was originally from Sonora state, is currently serving a life sentence for the murder of his neighbor, Javier Gonzalez.

The two were neighbours who became involved in a domestic dispute, according to local media reports.

Vills family said that they believe Villasson’s behaviour in recent months has been influenced by mental illness.

He was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and had a history of violence.

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