How to make your own ‘stainless steel’ in the garden

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New research shows how to turn ordinary household objects into stainless steel.

And it’s all in your kitchen!

The technique involves turning household items into stainless, then reusing the material for other purposes.

To make it happen, a couple of household items were put into a container with water, and the solution was poured into a metal bowl.

When the container was submerged, the water was gradually heated, and then poured back into the bowl.

A thin layer of water was then placed on top of the stainless, so that when the bowl was turned upside down, the metal layer would be exposed.

This allowed the water to soak into the metal, forming a layer that would then become the base for the stainless.

In the next step, the material was placed into a jar, which was then poured into the same container, which would then be filled with water.

Once the water in the container had boiled away, the stainless steel layer was poured back in, which again formed a layer of the same material.

This was repeated three times, until the mixture had been distilled, which meant the stainless was completely dissolved.

To see how the process worked, take a look at this video.

As the video shows, this process took a while, which is probably because the mixture was mixed very slowly.

The stainless steel then had to be mixed with a solvent, and this solvent was added to a large quantity of water.

The resulting mixture was then heated to a boil, and finally filtered to remove any unwanted solvents.

The result?

The stainless was pure, stainless steel, with a layer only slightly thicker than a human hair.

To find out more about the research behind this discovery, visit the New Scientist article.

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