How to get your $250,000 villa inside Westgate Resort & Spa


By Nick KrollCNN StaffDecember 16, 2017 10:39:21The best part about the Westgate villa is its location, just miles away from the city of Las Vegas, a city famous for its casinos.

But, as a few years ago we pointed out, it’s not for everyone.

There’s the $250 million one-bedroom, two-bathroom, two bedroom, four bedroom, six-bedroom villa at the Four Seasons.

The $1 million one bedroom, three bath, two bathroom, four bath, six bedroom, two story house at The Palms is in a different place, in the Las Vegas Strip, and that’s where the Westlake mansion is.

And the two-bedroom house at the Westport Resort & Casino in Las Vegas is the most expensive of the lot.

And it’s located on the edge of town, and there are two other villas there.

And so, it does have its advantages and disadvantages.

For one thing, it has more amenities than most of the others in the suite, including a spa and fitness center.

And in addition, you can get a room for $2,000 a night and pay $1,000 more per night for the luxury of having a private bath.

You can also get a second bedroom for $1.5 million.

It is, however, on a different floor than the others, and so it has fewer bedrooms, and it’s less spacious.

So, it is, in other words, not a perfect deal.

And while it’s certainly the most lavish of the suites, it isn’t cheap.

And so it’s hard to know how much you will end up spending.

So what’s the best deal at Westgate?

Well, if you’re looking for a three-bedroom luxury suite in Las, $2 million is the best you can ask for.

And if you are looking for the West Coast, you will have to look elsewhere.

And that’s not to say that you shouldn’t go for the best option.

The two-room, four-bath villa in the Four-Homes, which is on the same floor as the other two, is the only one you can do for $5 million a night.

And then there’s the West Bay villa, which has a three bedroom, five bath, four bathroom, six bath, three story house.

And there’s also a two-story home at the Palms.

The other thing is that the West Hills villas are very affordable.

They’re the cheapest of the suite options, which means they are also the cheapest in the world.

So, if, for instance, you are paying $2.9 million a year for a suite at the Hills, then you’re paying $3.3 million a month for a villa on the West Beach.

So if you get a two bedroom in the Hills and the Westwoods, you’ll pay $4.5 to $5.7 million a season.

So it is not a bad deal.

But it is a bargain.

And if you want to be really cheap, if your goal is to save as little as possible, then the WestBay suite is the way to go.

And, as you can see from the price chart, you have a great deal, especially if you pay the $1-million annual fee.

The $1 Million WestBay Suite is the Best Price for a Las Vegas Westgate ResidenceThe WestBay villas at WestGate are located in the Palos, Four Seasons, and Westgate, Las Vegas Las Vegas , Las Vegas Palos Hills, Las, Vegas, Las Las Vegas Hills, and Palos. 

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