Coronado Mansion in Miami Beach, Florida, to be sold for $2.5M

Land project

Coronados mansion, which sits on a sandbar overlooking the ocean, is one of Miami Beach’s most luxurious, with its opulent mansions decorated with crystal chandeliers, marble floors and marble bathrooms.

The mansion is the subject of a proposed $2,5 million sale that will see it become the site of an apartment building.

But with a potential new owner eyeing the property, that potential sale could take years to come to fruition.

The estate’s property value has soared in recent years, according to the Miami Beach Property Information Office, rising from $2 million to $2 billion in just three years.

The property is a luxury property, with luxury apartments, condos and a luxury hotel.

According to the website, the mansion, located at 2801 West Miami Beach Boulevard, is the home of the former First Lady, Betty Ford.

The Florida Department of Land and Natural Resources lists the mansion on the National Register of Historic Places.

But it has not been on the market since 2010, when it was listed on the California State Historic Register.

The listing is for a house in the city of Coronados, a small community in Miami.

The sale of the estate to the highest bidder will take place at the end of the year.

The Miami Herald reported that the sale of Corondale Apartments to a new owner was imminent.

The current owner is unknown.

Miami Beach real estate agent Craig McPherson told the Herald that the house is one-and-a-half-million square feet and that it has “very good amenities,” but that it will not be available for sale until the buyer is confirmed.

“The price tag is not yet finalized.

It is too early to say whether it will be in the market at this time,” McPhehson told The Herald.

In an interview with The Sun Sentinel, McPheyson said the house’s value has grown by $2 to $3 million.

The Sun said the sale is “unlikely to go anywhere in the foreseeable future.”

A spokesman for the Miami-Dade County Board of Supervisors said the district did not have any specific plans to sell the property or sell it to a private buyer.

The house, which is located on a secluded beachfront, is located in the neighborhood of West Miami and has been listed on Miami Beach Realty’s Real Estate Agent List since 2006.

In the past, it has been the subject to multiple proposals, according a listing on the website.

“We were looking to sell it and had an opportunity to do it, but the timing was not right,” the listing reads.

“Due to the lack of a suitable buyer, we are now exploring the possibility of selling the property for a buyer with the highest potential of value.”

Miami Beach is a city that is known for its luxury real estate, including a luxury golf course.

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