Which US cities have the biggest shopping malls?


Five U.S. cities with the most shopping malls and retail shopping malls: Alexandria, Virginia, New York City, Cleveland, Ohio, and Los Angeles.

Alexandria, VA.

Alexandria is a city of more than 17 million people and the second largest in Virginia, after Washington, D.C. The Alexandria area is home to more than a million people, and about one-fifth of the city’s population lives in the Alexandria area.

The city has a total of 19 shopping centers, according to a Bloomberg survey.

The five shopping centers with the biggest mall footprint are: Mall of America, which has three shopping centers in Alexandria and one in nearby Loudoun County; Target, which owns two shopping centers and one adjacent mall; Macy’s, which operates five stores in Alexandria; Home Depot, which rents space at its mall; and The Home Depot.

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