Which countries should be on the list of top destinations for tourists?

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This year, there is a lot of focus on the European Union’s proposed travel ban, but what about the Mediterranean?

Is the Mediterranean, the home of Mediterranean cuisine, a popular destination for tourists looking to visit the EU?

According to the 2018 International Tourism Report by IATA, the Mediterranean is the second-most popular destination by far in the world, with more than 8 million visitors visiting the continent annually.

As such, the region is the most popular destination of choice for European travellers, and a key part of Europe’s tourist economy.

The number of international tourists who are heading to the Mediterranean has doubled over the last decade, reaching nearly 1.6 million in 2017.

As the number of Mediterranean travellers has increased, so has the number who choose to stay in the region, and it’s no surprise that the region has become the second most popular tourist destination in the country.

The 2018 report highlights the fact that it’s a relatively safe and secure region to visit for tourists, with most of the region’s tourists living in cities such as Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, and Antibes.

However, it also points out that the Mediterranean’s reputation for crime and violence may be tarnished by the presence of large numbers of migrants and asylum seekers.

In addition to the rising number of tourists coming to the region every year, a large number of migrants arrive in the area each year, which has created a security and migration risk for the region.

However the number and the number per capita of international migrants are increasing, which is putting the region at a higher risk of attracting a wave of asylum seekers, migrants, and migrants with criminal records, according to the report.

The IATA report notes that there are also a number of negative effects that can occur from migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea into the region: 1.

It’s a place where people from countries like Syria and Iraq come for economic and security reasons 2.

It can be a place for traffickers to take advantage of the migrants and refugees that are coming from other parts of Europe 3.

It is a place that attracts criminal gangs that are involved in smuggling goods and people into the EU4.

It attracts criminals who may use the migrant influx to further their criminal enterprises5.

The influx of migrants into Europe has led to a huge increase in crime, as documented in the IATA’s report.

“This is an increasingly risky region to be in,” said IATA Director-General Simon Hochberg in an interview with Reuters.

“The migrants are coming and there are more criminal elements that can come in and exploit them.

That’s not going to change any time soon.”

This is not the first time the region of the Mediterranean and the Mediterranean Coast has been a hotspot for migrants, with the region experiencing its worst migration crisis since World War II.

According to estimates from Eurostat, more than 2.6million migrants and their children have been crossing the seas to the European continent since 2015, and more than 6,500 died attempting the journey.

Many of the countries that have been hit hardest by the migration crisis are not only struggling to deal with the influx of new arrivals, but also the high levels of crime.

The EU, in particular, has faced criticism for not doing enough to stem the flow of migrants, while also failing to address the fact there are so many illegal migrants in the European region.

The European Union has been criticised for not cracking down on the flow in countries like Turkey, but there have also been calls for tougher measures from the EU in order to stem illegal migration.

In 2017, the EU took a number, including a crackdown on the use of fake documents to enter Europe, but it’s not known whether the changes have been made since.

In an effort to stop migrants coming to Europe, the European Parliament passed a resolution last month calling for the EU to adopt a migration policy that focuses on the migrant crisis and its impact on the region and the rest of Europe.

However that plan was blocked by the member states in the Parliament, who argued that the plan did not address the real problems of the migration and security risks that migrants pose to the regions, and that it did not offer enough support to the countries of origin.

A spokesperson for the European Commission said the Commission has been working with the member countries to develop a migration plan, but they do not yet have an agreed plan.

The Commission also pointed out that many countries have taken steps to address this issue by making sure that refugees and migrants can enter Europe and be integrated into society, which the Commission hopes will eventually help curb the tide of migrants coming into Europe.

“There is a need to do more to stop this situation from escalating and creating more risks,” said the spokesperson, who added that the Commission will continue to monitor developments in the situation in the Mediterranean.

The latest news from Europe can be found in the latest issue of Business Insider magazine, on newsstands now.

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