What you need to know about the Villa Montalvo deal


After signing a four-year contract with Milan last year, the Italian side were desperate to secure a new forward.

The club had already agreed to pay a fee of €50m (£36.5m) for Mario Balotelli, but there was a catch.

Balotellis contract had a clause which could allow the club to release him if he scored 10 goals in the Serie A campaign.

But with the player struggling with injury, they decided to sell him for €30m (£25m).

Balotelini scored 19 goals in 28 games for Milan last season.

But, with only two goals in 13 Serie A appearances, Milan had to decide if it was worth the risk.

Balots departure would have been the last straw for the team, and Villa Montaels departure was the most costly in club history.

It took more than €50million to buy him out, and the deal was sealed in July 2017.

What do you think?

Villa Montals departure has left the club with a huge hole to fill, with the former Inter striker having netted 19 goals for Milan.

It was a decision that the club made to avoid having to sell Balotli, as he would have made a massive amount of money, and could have provided a massive boost to the team.

However, the club also felt that the player had to be given a chance to prove himself and that was what they did.

After the departure of Balotello, the Giallorossi have only managed to net one goal in 17 league games, and have not reached the Europa League quarter-finals.

The last time they reached the quarter-final of the Champions League was in 2014.

If they could reach the quarter final this season, the Club’s finances would be in dire straits.

The Giallorian will now be given the opportunity to prove that he belongs in the first team at a club that is desperate to sign a new striker, and they are confident that the transfer will be completed.

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