The Villas Capri, the villa with the best pizza in the world

The ground

When you think of the Villas Costa dei Capri in Italy, you might think of a pizza parlor and the iconic pizza-flavoured bread.

The Villases Costa de i Capri has over 50 pizza parlors, from the small pizzeria in La Citta to the sprawling, Italian-style villa capri.

The two are a direct hit of Italy, with the famous doughnut shop in the city centre and the traditional La Città pizzeria on the edge of the town.

The pizza in each villa is made by hand, and the pizza shop offers two pizzas a day.

You can enjoy the pizza in two ways: either on the terrace, or on the deck.

In fact, the pizza is so famous that the villas are known as the “villas of the universe”.

You can see the Villa Capri from a height of around 15 metres, but the view is spectacular on the decks.

When you’re sitting at the deck you can even enjoy a slice of pizza while waiting for the next table.

A little over 100,000 square metres, it’s a huge slice of Italy and a big slice of California, which means you can do it all in one day.

The main pizzeria, Capri di Tuscany, is on the second floor, with two restaurants and a bar serving a variety of Italian fare.

Capri del Pizzo is a tiny pizzeria with a small patio and a seating area.

A pizza shop on the roof.

You could spend hours enjoying the pizza and watching the sunset.

Capricci is a small pizzerias with a bar.

A small restaurant on the patio.

The rooftop restaurant is a little over 150 metres, overlooking the city and the sea.

You may want to book a table at the small terrace restaurant or get a little closer to the villi.

This is the perfect place to spend a few days at a time with family and friends.

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