The Villa Villa, one of the world’s most famous villas, is on the brink of collapse


Villas villas are known to attract the world-famous stars of the night, and are considered to be one of Rome’s most historic and glamorous sites.

But the villas that sit on top of the main square of Rome have seen a string of thefts and thefts of jewels and other valuables over the years.

In the 1990s, a series of burglaries at the villa, known as the “Castellani,” were reported.

In 2002, thieves broke into a villa in the suburbs and stole hundreds of euros worth of jewelry.

In 2007, a man wearing a black shirt and sunglasses was arrested after a series a burglaries on the villá.

Last year, thieves in a villà burglarized the villacabins in the nearby neighborhood of Fondazione Cattivo, and later in the morning, they stole another 300 euros worth.

On Tuesday, police announced they had recovered another 200 euros worth in jewels and jewellery, which had been stolen in a burglary at the Villa Mannino in 2006.

Investigators suspect the villà was targeted in that case, as well.

The villas property was the site of a large jewelry store that was being used to store jewelry, and in 2009, thieves stole around 1,200 gold pieces from a collection of jewels.

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