How to spot an Asian grocery store with its big signs


It looks like an Asian supermarket, but it’s actually a Polish villa.

We visited this Polish-owned Polish-themed supermarket in Warsaw.

The Polish-branded grocery store has its own store on the same block.

It is called Jerm, but there are other Polish-styled stores on the block too.

We took a picture and posted it to our Facebook page.

It looks like a Polish-style supermarket with lots of signs.

But it’s not Polish.

I love this Polish supermarket.

I love the Polish people.

I know there is no shortage of Polish products here.

But when we walked in, we were surprised to see the sign was written in Polish.

I had never seen that sign before.

When I visited Jerm in Warsaw, I realized this was a Polish store.

I asked the clerk what it was.

He said, it was a shop for Polish-made items.

The clerk was not surprised, he was a bit embarrassed by the fact he was writing in Polish, which is the language of the Polish-speaking people.

The store sells Polish goods, but Jerm sells only products from Polish producers.

The store is decorated in Polish-inspired motifs.

It looks as if it was designed by a Polish designer.

We ordered several items, including a cheese and cheese sauce.

We bought it in the morning and it arrived at the store at lunchtime.

There are a lot of Polish shops here in Warsaw!

But they all have a similar look to Jerm.

This is a nice Polish-built grocery store, with a Polish name, but a Polish brand.

I hope they don’t make a Polish grocery store for Poland.

It’s a shame! 

But what’s really strange about Jerm is that the Polish name is spelled backwards.

The signs say, Jerm Polish.

That is a strange way of saying Jerm because Jerm means “little town” in Polish and the Polish word for “little” is Łjowi. 

This means “a small town” or a village.

Jerm also has a Polish website, which seems to be in Polish only.

So, how does Jerm make its Polish-crafted products?

There is no explanation for why Jerm has its Polish name written backwards. 

But there is one Polish-related reason.

Jerm is owned by an individual who has lived in Poland for a while.

Jerwoj Wojciechowski, who is a member of the ruling Polish-Lithuanian Alliance party, founded the Polish supermarket chain.

In 2009, he opened a new Polish-designed grocery store in the same building where he lived for a few years.

After the Polish store opened in Warsaw in 2012, Wojcewicz bought a building on the corner and expanded Jerm to the same store.

This is where Jerm was located.

Wojchowski told Business Insider that he decided to name his store after Jerm after the town in Poland, which he said he grew up in.

He did not say why he named his store in Polish but Jerma is the name of the town.

He has not explained why he chose Polish. 

I don’t know what the owner is planning for Jerm at this point.

However, Jerwos new store is not the first Polish-specific store in Warsaw that has opened in the Polish town.

Jerkowne, the new Polish supermarket in the Warsaw shopping center, is also named after the Polish village.

Why do we call Jerm the Polish version of Walmart?

One Polish-language grocery store opened near the Polish restaurant that Jerm operates in Warsaw last year.

The name was written Jerm on the sign. 

When I walked in Jerm’s store, I noticed a sign that said, Jerman Polish.

This was not the Polish shop we were going to visit.

It’s the Polish side of Walmart.

Another Polish-based grocery store recently opened in Wrocław, the Polish city on the Baltic Sea.

That store also has its logo in Polish language.

In Poland, the store’s name is written Jerk. 

Why is the Polish grocery market so big?

Polish supermarket sales were valued at $6 billion in 2015, according to data from Euromonitor International.

Poland is home to the largest Polish grocery markets in Europe, according the Euromonitors report.

What’s the deal with Jerm?

We’re glad you asked!

Jerm stores have their own store in Poland.

The Jerm store in Wroclaw, Poland, sells items made by Polish producers and sells its products to consumers from Poland.

But the Polish company that owns Jerm did not want to expand to other parts of Poland. 

We asked the company to give us more information about the Polish operations

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