How to eat a pizza at a local villa in Jamaica

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For the uninitiated, there’s a lot to it: you’ve got your basic ingredients like garlic, cheese, mozzarella and a handful of toppings.

But for most people, that’s it.

No toppings or sauces, no cheese and just one topping: a pizza crust.

And while it’s a simple pie, there are plenty of things you can do to enhance the experience, according to one of the more seasoned pizza-loving locals I’ve spoken to. 

“If you want a good pizza, I think you need a nice crust,” says Mario Vida, a resident of a village in the Jamaica-Guatemala border.

“You can’t just go to a pizza place and try to find a pizza.

You have to do the work yourself.” 

The Vida family, who has been working in the area for more than a decade, is well known for its pizza-making. 

Mario Vida. 

The family has been making pizzas for more that a century. 

It’s not just for the pizza-lovers out there.

The family has an extensive line of artisanal pizzas and the Vida pizza shop in Jamaica is also a major source of income for the Vidas. 

According to the Vidas, their family has operated the Pizza Hut in the village for nearly 150 years, and they have always relied on local vendors to supply them with ingredients. 

Vida is proud to say that they have an even longer history in the community. 

He says his family started out making pizzes for local pizza shops in the 1950s. 

But with the advent of refrigerated delivery, Vida says the family has shifted their focus to their main source of revenue: local pizza. 

“[It’s] about the pie,” Vida told me. 

I asked him how the family was able to do this while still maintaining a local reputation. 

His answer?

They don’t need to worry about having a “bad” reputation in the Jamaican community.

“It’s been going on since the 1960s, and it’s been very hard to get people to talk to us,” Vidas said. 

In addition to local pizza, Vidas also runs a chain of small-batch pizzas, all of which are locally sourced. 

As a result, he says the Vases’ pizza is often the first thing people order when they order at the Vase’s. 

For me, that pizza was the most surprising. 

After seeing the pizza at the Villa, I had a feeling I wasn’t the only one who thought so. 

There were many other villagers I’d spoken to who seemed to think the Vices were just another local restaurant, serving a similar product. 

So, how does it feel to know that your pizza is so different from everyone else’s? 

“It feels like I’m a new person,” Viva said.

“We are a small family.

We’re not like all the other pizzerias in the country.” 

It was at this point that the VIs, who are not a part of the mainstream Jamaican food culture, came into contact with the pizza pie.

“We were just in a moment of crisis,” Veda told me, referring to when the VDs had started to see a surge in interest in their product.

“When you see people buying pizza at other restaurants, you’re just seeing this big, booming industry going on.

People are eating pizza from the restaurant, they’re eating it at the pizza shop.

And they’re going to the local pizza shop and buying a pizza from them.”

As Vida explains, they started to realize that the people who eat pizza in Jamaica are really the ones who buy the pizzas.

And it made them realize that it was time to open up their pizzeria to more people. 

To open the Pizza Villa, Vices decided to bring in some of the most popular local vendors in the island. 

 Mario and his family. 

Tina Caudill, the owner of Villa A, a small-time local pizza place, and her husband, Mario, opened the Villa A in 2014. 

Their restaurant has since become a major local business and has become a staple in the town. 

Like many local businesses, Villa A relies on the help of local vendors, but the Vines are using their pizzas as their main income source. 

(Image source: Villa A) Villas A sells pizza on a regular basis and is known for their handmade pizzas made with ingredients like mozzacchetti, basil, onions, olive oil and other traditional ingredients.

(Image source, Villa B) “We’re really proud of the pizza and we’re really excited to be able to serve you, the customer, at Villa A,”

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