How to avoid the getty summer villa’s $1 million mansion


It’s not the kind of luxury you can afford to spend the $1,000 to $1 1,500 that a luxury home is asking for on the weekend.

But at the villa of billionaire billionaire basketball coach Chris Paul, you can have your getty.

Forbes magazine, the magazine that lists the world’s wealthiest people, has named the villas worth $1.9 million.

The villas in the top 10 of the magazine’s list are worth an average of $2.7 million a pop.

But the $500,000 home that Paul bought for $1 billion on May 1 has a market value of just over $3 million.

So what is this $1 Million getty?

It is a $1million villa in the French Riviera town of La Caire, with a 4,400-square-foot (1,100-square meter) living space with a pool, a spa, gym, tennis court, a restaurant, pool, sauna and a swimming pool.

The getty is just down the road from a former villa where Paul bought a $600,000 house in 2007.

Paul owns several properties in France, including the Versailles resort in Versailly and a beach estate in Bordeaux, according to Forbes.

He bought a villa near the beach resort in the summer of 2008.

The villa was built in the early 1960s in an area of Paris that was largely underdeveloped, Forbes reported.

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