When David Villas’ Restaurant Becomes ‘The Oldest Restaurant in America’

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The Oldest restaurant in America is no longer a thing.

It is now a thing, the restaurant’s owner, David Villases, announced Thursday.

The restaurant is at the corner of Seventh and Market Streets, in what used to be a gas station, and it’s now the oldest restaurant in the city, the owner said.

The Old Staple restaurant is located at the intersection of Seventh Street and Market.

It was opened in 1926, said the owner, who said it was built by Villas, who lived in the neighborhood at the time.

The restaurant has served its residents for more than 40 years.

Villas is a native of the Bronx who has lived in Staten Island for about 15 years, he said.

He and his wife started their restaurant in 1977, and they have operated the restaurant at the same address ever since.

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