Sam Ville: I’ll build a $1 billion wine vineyard in Texas


The vineyard would be called Sam Vila Winery in honor of the founder of the restaurant and winery in Lubbock, Texas.

Sam Villa was born in 1917 in Lufkin, Texas, but moved to Lubbocks with his family in 1918, where he founded Sam Valla Winery and Son in Lutkin.

The Lutkins had three children, one of whom was Samuel Ville, who went on to become one of the richest men in the state.

The family eventually became wealthy enough to purchase the Lutkis’ property, and the family continued to own the vineyard until the early 1970s.

After Sam Villas death, the winery passed to his son, Sam Vina, who later sold it to Sam Vile.

Sam, Ville and Vile have all been active in politics and philanthropy.

In a statement to the Texas Observer, Sam said: I was always a Texan, always had been, and I’ll always be.

I’m a Texano and proud of that.

I have always been a Texanos’ first priority and always will be.

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