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The world’s most expensive villas are coming to a city near you.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Texas, where some of the world’s richest families have snapped up the country club and villa properties, which often include upscale restaurants and a sprawling gymnasium.

The number of such homes has increased sharply in recent years, according to real estate agents, as a new breed of wealthy American families increasingly buy and rent out their estates, which are often in remote locations.

In 2016, the average price of a country house in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area was $3.9 million, according in the Texas Association of Realtors.

That number rose to $4.3 million last year, according for the Austin-based real estate group.

In some places, the homes are now listed for $25 million or more.

Now that the market is more competitive, some of these owners are putting up the price tags on their homes, hoping to land a buyer.

Some of the biggest names include Trump Organization President Donald Trump, who purchased a golf course in the Florida resort town of Doral in the early 1980s for $250 million; and his son, Eric, who bought a mansion on the island of Puerto Rico for $2.6 billion.

Eric Trump recently announced plans to expand his island property to the mainland in the next year or two.

The president also recently purchased a townhouse in Florida that he plans to use for his Palm Beach estate.

“We’re all looking at these properties to see what we can do with them,” Eric Trump said in an interview.

“Theres not a lot of money to be made.

You have to take care of the property, and it has to be maintained.”

Donald Trump has become a celebrity in his home state.

But he has struggled to make a dent in the local real estate market.

In Doral, he has sold the island-sized mansion for $300 million to the estate of his brother, Donald Trump Jr., according to records.

The Trump Organization did not respond to a request for comment.

The family’s sprawling properties have drawn comparisons to the Donald J. Trump empire.

They include a club called the Plaza, which has been owned by the Trumps since the late 1970s and has been sold twice.

Its top-floor terrace houses a spa, a bowling alley and other amenities, according the listing.

The club also houses a gym and a golf clubhouse.

“It has the best amenities,” said Eric Trump, a real estate agent and founder of the Trump Organization, which operates the resort properties.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and it’s been amazing.”

Eric Trump owns two homes in the Miami suburb of Miami-Dade, which is located on the city’s south side, according, the listing on the Trump National Golf Club website.

He said the family plans to sell the resort property in 2019.

In Dallas, the Trussons bought a home in the suburbs that is about 15 miles from the Dallas airport.

It is listed for about $3 million, a record price for a country home, according records.

“When I see a $3 billion dollar house, I can’t even think about selling,” Eric Trusson said.

“But I have been thinking about it and I am thinking about building a golf club in Texas.”

Eric Tramp, a former president of the Texas Golf Association, said he sees a new generation of buyers in Texas who are looking for a home that will not only include fitness centers, restaurants and gym equipment, but also have open-air tennis courts.

“People are going to want to get in front of a tennis court and play,” he said.

He estimated that in the coming years, about 20 percent of the country clubs in Texas will be sold.

The Trussones’ club in Dallas will remain on the market for another year.

The couple also recently sold the property in Florida, but that deal fell through, according with the listing in the Palm Beach-based Realtor’s Guide.

Eric Trumps recently announced he was buying a ranch on the Gulf Coast for $1.8 billion, and is building a beachfront home in Florida for $5 million.

He is planning to build a beach volleyball facility at the ranch.

He has a house on the Florida peninsula and has spent $100 million on a private jet, said Eric Trump, who is also a realtor.

“This is where you go when you’re on vacation,” he added.

The country club in Doral was built in 1910, when the family bought the land.

It was designed by architect Howard Jones, who had a strong interest in architecture, according a listing on

He was awarded a National Historic Landmark in 1991 for the mansion, which he called a “historic gem.”

In the 1970s, he designed a luxury hotel for the Trump

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