How to get ready for the upcoming heat wave at villa parks and other indoor facilities

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This summer is shaping up to be a very hot one for the West Coast.

The Bureau of Meteorology is predicting that the average summer temperature will reach 60 degrees and that the mercury will hit a high of 100 degrees in some places, which would be the highest temperature ever recorded in the United States.

While some areas have seen their temperatures rise above 100 degrees, this year’s heat wave is forecast to be far worse than previous years.

The hottest temperatures were recorded in February and March of this year and, according to the B.M.O., they were mostly due to the heat.

So far this summer, there has been a 50 percent increase in the average amount of heat waves.

There are now a total of 4,400 heat waves on the West coast, which has surpassed the number recorded in 2007 and 2012.

The B. M.O. says the record for the most heat waves is 2,974.

And this year is likely to break that record.

But the record-breaking heat is just the start of the story.

With temperatures forecast to soar to 70 degrees in many areas this summer due to climate change, the B,M. O. and other weather organizations are warning residents to take extra precautions to protect themselves and others from the heat wave.

“It’s a pretty serious issue and we are seeing more and more instances of people not getting adequate shelter, not getting enough water,” said Scott Glynn, the director of the West’s Climate and Water Project at the University of Washington.

“If we are going to keep getting to these record temperatures, we need to keep working hard on solutions.”

And, if the heat is not enough, the drought and extreme heat will likely continue to make life difficult for some.

“As the months wind down, the chances of heat-related fatalities are likely to increase and it’s likely that some of those deaths will be related to heat-induced respiratory conditions,” Glynn said.

“In the end, this summer is going to be one for people to worry about.”

Heat waves are expected to continue for the next couple of months in California, Texas and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as in Alaska, and Florida, where temperatures have been hitting the mid-80s or low 90s.

The bureau expects that temperatures will rise to 80 degrees in the U, S. and W. states.

“A record-setting summer for heat in the contiguous United States will likely be the subject of intense discussion in the coming months, but the reality is that this is going as we speak,” Glynns said.

The heat is expected to make the air around the West even more humid, causing more humidity in the air.

And it’s expected to push water vapor and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The humidity in Los Angeles and other parts of Southern California is forecasted to reach 10 to 15 percent this summer and then increase to more than 30 percent in the next week or so.

“We are in a situation where we are getting very dry in the Central Valley, which is a hot climate, which means that the water vapor is going into the air, and that is going toward the surface,” Gynns said, noting that the situation is especially serious in California because of its large number of agricultural regions.

“The drought and the extreme heat is going a long way toward exacerbating that situation, so we are very concerned about it.”

In addition, some people are having a difficult time accessing adequate heat, with the B M. O forecasting that nearly 80 percent of homes in the metro area will not have a working air conditioner by June.

“These conditions will be exacerbated by the extreme and hot temperatures that we are having, and we know that the drought is going some way toward intensifying the heat in our region,” Gwinns said in an interview with WAMU.

“And then you get this extreme heat wave in August, which we have been anticipating.

And the worst of it is in the Bay Area, and then the coast in Southern California, and the Southwest.”

And while the drought continues to pose a problem for the people of California, the weather in the West is likely set to become much worse.

“When the summer of 2015 ended, there were more heat waves than we had ever seen,” Gwen said.

But that hasn’t stopped the West from working hard to improve its air quality, including through a new law that was signed last month by Gov.

Jerry Brown.

The law, known as the California Air Quality Standards and Regulation Act, mandates the use of more ozone-depleting materials like fog machines and ozone-stripping agents to control smog in the state.

But it’s also designed to help people who live in communities with low air quality and high ozone levels.

As the law requires, the State Department of Transportation will now be required to study the cost-effectiveness of

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