#Venezuela: Venezuelan president accused of corruption, money laundering in resort villa


Posted by Breitbart News on November 11, 2017 06:16:28Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has been accused of using his position to manipulate the countrys currency and money supply to enrich himself and his cronies, according to new evidence uncovered by Breitbart Texas.

The newly released documents reveal that Maduro has used his position in a luxury resort to funnel millions of dollars to himself and others in order to secure loans, buy luxury cars, and maintain a personal brand and image, according the new report from the Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR).

The newly released files detail the activities of President Maduro’s son-in-law, Carlos Osorio Chong, who served as president of the resort town of Villacavallo.

Osorio was also the son- in-law of the country’s president, Nicolás Félix Maduro.

The documents reveal the closeness of the relationship between Osorio and the Villacaballos President.

Osoro was reportedly tasked with creating a government-owned bank account to pay off debts owed by Maduro’s family and political opponents.

According to the documents, Osorio began to use his father-in in-laws’ personal bank account in 2015 to transfer more than $1.7 million to a personal bank in the name of his mother.

According to the records, Osoro also used Osorio’s bank account for the purchase of two luxury cars in 2016, one a Lamborghini Countach and the other a Lambo Sedan.

In May of 2017, CIR published an article exposing the closess between the Osorio family and Maduro’s political opponents, with documents detailing a series of payments made to the Villamoros President’s personal bank.

The documents show that Osorio used the money to purchase an apartment at the Villas Tropicana resort in La Villa, a luxury hotel in the center of the capital.

This $3.5 million apartment was then used to purchase luxury cars and personal items.

The Villas Creta, which is located near the Presidential Palace and contains one of the most exclusive luxury hotels in Venezuela, is the only luxury hotel that Maduro himself has personally owned, according CIR.

The Osorios have also used the villa to purchase expensive food, which they have sold at inflated prices.

Osorias family has also purchased expensive food from the local grocery chain, La Palabra.

According a new CIR report, the Villalas Tropo, a small resort that sits just south of La Villas, is an illegal and unregistered entity.

It is illegal for any foreign company to operate within the jurisdiction of the National Autonomous Democratic Assembly (ANC), the legislative body that Maduro is currently in power.

The new documents show the Osoros’ family has attempted to avoid the authorities’ scrutiny by setting up a business partnership with the Villancas Crescencho, an independent business and banking firm that operates independently of the Villajos Cretan.

The Osoro family also set up a subsidiary company, Villas Costa, to operate the resort and operate as a tax-exempt company in the Bahamas.

According the documents provided by CIR, Osorrias family used the Villagas Crespo to pay $1 million in taxes in the state of Veracruz, while they paid $2.5M in taxes and other fees to the local tax authority in the Villabes de la Cretana, the only jurisdiction where the Osorrio family was allowed to operate.

Osorio has denied that the villas Cremes are a tax haven, saying that the money is used to buy luxury goods and to pay debts.

He said that the Villavallos Crespa is simply a legal business entity that has no relationship to the presidency.

“There is no connection whatsoever between the Villa Tropo and the Presidency,” he said.

“It is absurd to suggest that we’re living in a banana republic,” he added.

The newly uncovered documents show another conflict of interest between the family and the administration.

The family has hired a lawyer to assist in their attempts to escape from the Villaca Cretans jurisdiction.

In 2016, Osoriases family hired a high-priced law firm to represent them in the investigation into allegations that the government was colluding with the opposition.

The lawyer who represents the family says that they are seeking the dismissal of charges that they violated the law.

“I have the utmost confidence that our legal team will be able to get the most favorable resolution for the Osorians,” Osorio said in an interview with Breitbart Texas on November 14.

“We have a lawyer in charge of this, and I have no doubts that he will be successful.”

The Osorrisons lawyer, Carlos A. Pérez, told Breitbart News that the Osorens are currently appealing the decision to the Supreme Court. “The

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